Have you ever spent hours looking for a product on line? Have you ever spent hours looking for the lowest possible price on that product? Did you then buy it and later discover that the shipping was not included and it costs more than another vendor who included shipping in the price? Or, did you find what looks like a great deal, order it, only to find a better one the next day?

Perhaps you will allow us, 1stepservicing.com, to find those online products for you at the best price available including shipping.

Think of us as your personal online shoppers!

If you want to buy a specific item, or make regular purchases on Amazon, please fill out the comment section below with your request. For example, if you are looking for a new cell phone just let us know your cell phone preferences, including price point, and any specific item characteristics with a detailed description. You can even cut and paste the website product link into body of the message.

We will shop for the best price for you available online which will include shipping costs. We will utilize our established affiliate connections to get the best possible price just for you. Then, we will place the item on our website, 1stepservicing.com, for you to conveniently purchase. We can even send you a personal text message, email, or place a phone call to a number you provide when the product is available for purchase through our website. The listing will be available for all shoppers on our website once posted. Please respond in a timely manner due to the limited quantities of the significantly reduced cost of each item.

We appreciate your business and of course any feedback you may have on our website services. Please check back often as it is frequently updated.

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